Hello, I am Ikenna Amadi. A Financial analyst, and financial freedom enthusiast. Welcome to my blog!

Why I started this blog

In the course of meeting people across various works of life, I have found that most people don’t keep an eye on their finances. For a lot of them, they feel it is too complex or burdensome to even keep track.

What I have been doing for a while now is speaking with the ordinary “would-be” investor and educating them on the benefits of putting an eye on their financial positions to gain financial freedom.

I also provide articles on personal finance planning and aim to give an honest, independent, and unbiased opinion on various financial instruments.


Ikenna has helped develop workshops and programs that have transformed the lives of men and women, and has helped them develop the desire to be financially free and wok at it.


As a financial analyst, Ikenna uses his skills and experience developing himself and the people around him to teach the basic concepts of personal finance to almost any audience regardless of their financial knowledge.


He enjoys teaching about the need for financial education in particular. He selects topics from the news, events in the finance world and explains these in easy-to-understand concepts for his audience to follow.


Keep your eyes peeled to reveal various offerings, gifts, and recommendations from our partners embedded within my posts.

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